Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top ten signs a book was written by me (Chris Howard)

Top ten signs a book was written by me (Chris Howard)

1. Half the book takes place underwater.

2. The other half is no more than three miles from the coast, on board a ship, close to the water, you get it.

3. There's at least one good line in ancient Greek ...têi kreagrai tôn orchipedôn helkoimên es abysson.

4. At least one of the families--the protag's or some other major characters'--is really messed up, capital D Dysfunctional--hell, capitalize all the letters.

5. Someone commits suicide--usually for a cause.

6. There's a brutal internal struggle going on--I love plot lines around characters fighting themselves, fighting some change in themselves.

7. Female protag. I haven't written a male protagonist in the last three novels.

8. Someone is brought back from the dead--sometimes many someones, sometimes many times, sometimes armies of them.

9. One of the characters is from the Azores. (I can't say why this is, some deep fascination with the islands, I'm thinking).

10. Aristotle is mentioned in a favorable light, if not all out gushed over. "Greatest hacker who ever lived, man."


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