Friday, December 7, 2007

Waiting to hear

Well, I've been working on short stories. Very hard to work on short stories when one is in novel mode but hey, I've got to get my 2 stories into an antho --any antho-- and the year's end is fast approaching. So am waiting to hear from some anthologies. So, please to enjoy...(at least the first couple of chapters) of my latest stories. The first is about a sistah fending off a demon:

HOUSEWARMING (with apologies to Dorothy Parker)
Of all the annoyances! And I’d have to notice him now, with a house full of guests. But of course, that’s the way they are! Hiding themselves away then bingo! This one must’ve hidden out in the attic as the real estate agent showed us around. Figured I wouldn’t go up there, and he was right. But if he thinks I’m a sucker or one who’s going to pity his plight or be afraid of him, he’s got another thing coming. Darn it! If it’s impromptu exorcism he wants, it’s impromptu exorcism he’ll get.
I can not believe it: this fool’s actually hanging around my dinner table like he was invited. This kinda thing just pisses a sistah off. Shouldn’t he have moved on to his eternal home, the invisible realm, the choir celestial? No! He’s got to hang here for.... how long has this dude been dead? Him and his see-through ectoplasmic self!

The second is called, SO FAR, and is about a parchment which tells the reader about his life and challenges him to repair an evil he's done.

In the mind of the universe, the events in this story occurred thousands of years ago. Even so, all the events have yet to happen because you are the chief player, and although you are free to do what you will, your actions are already foretold. Yes, I am speaking to you.
One day, as you – Destiny knows your name, therefore I will not speak it– walk through a marketplace (I will not tell you which), you will begin singing The Song of the Yellow River. You will sing this because you will have just completed a cruel deed and your mind and your body will need rest and the Song of The Yellow River has always soothed your mind ever since childhood.
The song will not be powerful enough to soothe your mind, however, because the crime you will have committed will be so great that your conscience will not be able to endure the memory of it. To further hide your mind from yourself, you will search among the vendors of the market place, looking for sweet, fermented, and spicy dainties, anything to excite your flesh and numb your soul.

I tend to write in different narrative styles, POV's, etc. Simply because whenever I write in third person past tense the story feels too distant to me. Anyways, hope you enjoy. And have a great weekend

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